Featured Highlights

  • Detects objects concealed internally in or externally on the body.
  • Contraband and threat detection including: weapons, explosives (plastic and powder), detonators, narcotics, electronic devices, diamonds, precious stones/metals and mobile phones.
  • High throughput – scan time less than 7 seconds.
  • Dual view – full body and additional high resolution torso scan at the same time
  • Complete head to toe inspection in one short inspection cycle.
  • State of the art image processing software and zoom functions facilitates efficient image evaluation
  • Low radiation dose <4.5μSv/scan

B-SCANTM uses transmission x-ray technology employing very low dose rates to screen people. This non-intrusive approach to people screening enables the detection of objects concealed internally in body cavities, on a person beneath clothing, or in artificial limbs.

The 16HR-DV model of B-SCANTM simultaneously creates two images of the person being scanned. These are a fully body head to toe image and a high resolution torso image.

The 16HR-DV produces an enhanced view of the more difficult torso area with its high resolution image and second viewing angle.

This gives more detailed information to assist the operator in their task. The 16HRDV model of B-SCANTM is the only dual view transmission x-ray people screening system on the market.

The B-SCANTM system is used to detect contraband and threat objects in applications including prisons, customs and border crossings.

High resolution images, a second viewing angle and image enhancement tools allow the 16HR-DV dual view B-SCANTM operator to accurately and quickly evaluate the images.

Using specially adapted image processing software B-SCANTM provides security checks of unequalled quality.

B-SCANTM uses state of the art safety systems to monitor the radiation generation and dose.

With over ten years of field experience B-SCANTM is proven as a well engineered and reliable screening system.