XScann X-ray Management Software (XMS)

Xscann Technologies boasts an in-house developed X-ray Management Software (XMS).

Xscann X-ray management software (XMS) Includes:
  • Once off software licensing,
  • Matrix configuration for gender segregation,
  • Various access control integration (e.g. Babylon, Impro, Opto, etc.),
  • Algorithm to ensure that personnel will not be subjected to radiation exceeding 1mSv per annum,
  • Logging of personnel radiation data for archiving, Reports generator.

XMS reporting includes:
  • X-ray totals by radiation,
  • X-ray totals by name,
  • Over quota individuals,
  • Excessive entries,
  • Excessive dummy scans,
  • Excessive holds,
  • Detailed Scan logs,
  • Search logs, etc.

Xscann Low-Dose X-ray Body Scanners are managed by a software management system known as XMS. This Software Management System (XMS) controls the entire environment surrounding the X-ray Body Scanner unit, including the access control system and dose measurements. XMS is also responsible for consolidating a SQL database that holds all the unit’s information, from personal data and X-ray dosage, to the actual scanned images. Historical data of all transactions is available for reporting on the day-to-day operations of the system. XMS keeps a detailed log of operations, from the system operator identity and their actions to the flow process during a working shift of Xscann.

The Full XMS system is comprised of the following software modules:
  • The Orchestrator – the software backbone that lives on the XMS server
  • The Conductor – the Software application for the remote Operator workstation
  • The Sentry – the software application for the remote Viewing workstation
  • The Reviewer – the software application for the Supervisor workstation