The safety features built into Xscann include:
  • Interlock switches installed on all lead shielded panels
  • Several emergency shutdown switches are strategically located
  • The X-ray generator control circuitry is not accessible to site personnel
  • The X-ray generator is automatically switched off if the conveyer belt is stopped or fails
  • Dosage is measured by means of an integrated M4 Diameter dose meter
The X-ray Management System (XMS) ensures that:
  • Each exposure is measured and controlled according to: 
    1. The legal limit set for the installation (typical 1mS per year )
    1. The accumulated exposure limits for each individual
  • Each exposure is recorded to a MS SQL Server database.

Dose Levels of X-ray Exposure

Public Dose Limit = 1mSv per year Xscann Body Scanner dose per inspection = 0.0053mSv