Featured Highlights

  • Automatic detection of concealed threats and contraband
  • Multi-material detection-reveals any concealed objects such as metals, ceramics, plastics, liquids, narcotics, etc.
  • Minimal footprint allows for easy integration into existing checkpoints
  • Instant output of detection results
  • Simple scanning procedure supports rapid processing of people through the checkpoint

eqo™ is an innovative solution to people screening. Using its unique flat-panel millimetre-wave technology this system offers state of the art detection capability within a minimal footprint.

The scanning system provides a rapid means of detecting concealed objects using its real-time automated detection interface.

Instant presentation of the scan result ensures rapid processing and high throughput. Separation of the scanning and alarm resolution further increases the throughput potential.

This 'next-generation' approach marks the evolution of millimetre-wave people screening from mechanically scanned to electronically steered technology, which offers a reliable and easily serviceable system.

The combination of the small footprint and options for right/left panel orientation mean that eqo can be easily integrated into existing checkpoint configurations.

eqo is EU-ECAC Standard 2 approved - already meeting the requirements for aviation installations from 2019 and beyond.