Featured Highlights

  • Inspect loaded trucks, containers and vehicles at ports, airports and border crossings
  • High throughput of up to 25 trucks per hour in scan mode and up to 150 trucks per hour in pass through mode
  • Small footprint
  • Advanced technology, viZual™, provides a high performance imaging capability with organic/ inorganic material discrimination and colorization in a single scan

The HCVM L series of X-ray screening systems is designed to optimize security checks at ports, airports and border crossings. These systems are used to inspect whole trucks (cabin included), containers, and vehicles for threats such as explosives, narcotics, weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), contraband, as well as manifest verification, reducing the need for manual inspection.

The HCVM L series systems use a range of accelerators from 4MeV to 6MeV, allowing steel penetration ranging from 280mm (11") to 320mm (12.6") while providing a high throughput of up to 25 (typical 20) trucks per hour in scan mode. And up to 150 trucks per hour in pass through mode, with up to 4 system operators in the cabin.

The system’s high performance imaging capability provides the operator with detailed radioscopic images of container or vehicle and its contents, allowing for rapid and reliable results.

When equipped with the automatic radioactive material detection - ARD™ (optional), the HCVM L simultaneously carries out both the X-ray inspection and an analysis to detect the presence of radioactive gamma and/or neutron materials within the container or vehicle.

The modular design of the HCVM L provides the ability for the system to be driven from location to location and ready to use in under 30 minutes, adapting to the customer’s specific needs. The HCVM L is designed for ease of operation requiring a minimal footprint and external infrastructure while still integrating the most demanding international security screening requirements.