HI-PE Plus


HI-PE Plus
HI-PE Plus
HI-PE Plus

Featured Highlights

  • Capability to detect the full range of metal weapon threats even within body cavities
  • Met-Identity technology for Identification of Threat Composition
  • 60 pinpointing zones with high resolution & precision: 20 Vertical & 3 Lateral
  • Cutting-edge discrimination technology allows personal effects to be ignored, creating rapid transit flow
  • Accurate Detection of magnetic, non-magnetic and mixed-alloy metal weapons
  • High Discrimination and Throughput
  • Compliant with and Certified to the Strictest Security Standards for weapons detection
  • Exceptional Immunity to external interferences
  • Unmatched Reliability
  • Rapid Installation

CEIA is proud to present the new HI-PE Plus Multi-Zone Metal Detector, a development of the well-established HI-PE model. Accurate detection of all metals, high level of discrimination, full compliance with the latest Security Standards and exceptional immunity to external interferences are among the main peculiarities of this new device.

Unique Alarm Signalling
  • 4 Multi-Zone Display Bars, each programmable as entry Stop/Go and/or local alarm indication
  • High visibility of the control unit and the zone indication independent from the operator position and the installation environment
    Accurate signaling is essential for best operation and flow management. The HI-PE Plus provides the user with fully-programmable signaling. Both entry-points can indicate with a high level of accuracy, even simultaneously, the vertical and lateral areas of transit of the threats detected, and can also be configured as ’traffic lights’ to control transits through the detector.
  • Flexible Acoustic Alarm Signaling System:
    10 Continuous and Pulsed Tones
    34 Special Sounds
  • 10 Acoustic Intensity Levels
    10 Acoustic Intensity Levels A complete acoustic alarm system allows personalization of the alarm tones and intensities, with a wide choice of continuous, pulsed and special tones at different levels of intensity. The wide volume control dynamic allows operation even in very noisy environments..
  • High Precision Transit Counter:
    In-Bound Transits
    Out-Bound Transits
    Alarm Rate
    Automatic Compensation for repeated transits of the same person The Metal Detector provides an automatic count of the people passing through the access point in both directions and the related nuisance alarm percentage.
Most Powerful and Versatile Security Features
  • Up to 50 built-in Security Program
    Up to 30 International Standards
    Up to 20 Customizable Levels
    Setting the Security Levels could not be easier and more versatile than in the HI-PE Plus. Users can choose directly from the known International Standards or request implementation of a Standard personalized to their own requirements. Users can also create their own work program and save it in internal memory provided for the purpose.
  • Any security standard can be enhanced with selectable random alarm probability
Rapid Installation
  • One touch guided automatic installation (OTS)
    One touch guided automatic installation (OTS) Innovative function assisting the installation through an automatic step-by-step procedure
  • Continuous self diagnostics assures monitored performance reliability
  • Exceptional immunity to environmental interferences makes the Metal Detector easy to use even when electrical noise is encountered.