HI-SCAN™ 6030di


HI-SCAN™ 6030di

Featured Highlights

  • Mobile X-ray inspection system with a tunnel opening of 620 mm (24") wide by 330 mm (13") high
  • Compact system design with optimized dimensions and weight
  • Monitor protection housing and lockable keyboard mount are available as options
  • State of the art HiTraX system technology with HI-MATPlus material classification
  • High performance: Typical penetration 30 mm of steel, wire resolution up to AWG 39

HI-SCAN 6030di is a small and flexible system with a tunnel size (W x H) of 620 mm (24”) by 330 mm (13”) to provide optimal image quality for screening small objects such as purses, bags, pouches or packages. The compact design offers high performance regarding steel penetration and wire resolution.

Due to the state-of-the-art X-ray sensor and computer technology, HI-SCAN 6030di is comparable with Smiths Detection’s sophisticated solutions known from airport security checkpoints.

Additionally, it permits configurations with operator training, TIP and image management functionalities.

Equipped with robust heavy duty roller conveyors this X-ray inspection system can easily be moved around. Thus, it can be relocated to areas where immediate screening is requested.

Besides its mobility, HI-SCAN 6030di is particularly suitable for areas with limited space - thanks to the optimized footprint.

The system ideally meets the requirements of critical infrastructure applications such as prisons, court houses, embassies, universities, schools, nuclear power and industrial plants as well as any other jeopardized area which needs to be protected.