HI-SCAN™ 6040 CTiX


HI-SCAN™  6040 CTiX

Featured Highlights

  • Designed to comply with the latest regulations - EU and TSA
  • Highest throughput due to high belt speed and laptops/liquids remaining in bags
  • High detection rate and low false alarm rate due to MAT technology
  • Easily integrates into existing checkpoints
  • Optimised size, weight, noise and power consumption for airport checkpoint installations
  • 3D TIP and training software for operators
  • Integrates with Checkpoint. Evoplus for centralised, remote screening; directed search; and management data

HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX is the first security screening system from Smiths Detection to use Computed Tomography (CT) technology for cabin baggage. The advanced detection capability offered by CT, eliminates the need to remove electronic devices and/or liquids from hand baggage (EDS CB C3 regulatory standards).

The 6040 CTiX gantry rotates at a constant speed as the baggage is carried through on the conveyor belt. It spins around the object taking hundreds of views at slightly different angles and then reconstructs the raw scan data into volumetric 3D images in real time. The comprehensive data collected is used to make more precise measurements and very accurate judgements on substances within the bag.

With a belt speed of 0.2 m/s and an optimum size, the Smiths Detection HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX is compatible with current state-of-the- art security checkpoints. For example, our HI-SCAN 6040aTiX scanners can be replaced by the new Checkpoint CT using existing software and hardware components.

To meet the increasing demands for efficiency, HI- SCAN 6040 CTiX also easily integrates into Checkpoint. Evoplus to support centralised, remote screening; directed search; and management data.