HI-SCAN™ 7555si


HI-SCAN™ 7555si

Featured Highlights

  • New X-ray generator with optimized spectrum
  • New high resolution XADA sensor technology
  • New HiTraX II system platform with extended scope of services
  • High resolution image display with doubled resolution
  • Up to 37 mm steel penetration
  • Wire detectability up to AWG 41

HI-SCAN 7555si is a consequent advancement of HI-SCAN 6040i, with more than 6000 installations worldwide the most successful X-ray inspection system in its class.

HI-SCAN 7555si, despite all similarities, is by far more than a conventional X-ray system with a facelift. Crucial technological innovations concerning X-ray sensor and image processing technologies were part of the R&D process.

HI-SCAN 7555si is equipped with an advanced multi-energy X-ray generator, a new generation of electronics plus a completely novel high resolution detector line. Due to this optimized technology, the system demonstrates performance rates unachieved before.

HI-SCAN 7555si produces extremely detailed X-ray images, which impress by a more than doubled number of real, physical pixels.

The drastically enhanced image resolution of the scanned objects represents a decisive advantage for image evaluations in security areas.

HI-SCAN 7555si additonally has a higher tunnel opening and therefore can scan objects, whose sizes exceed standard dimensions for hand luggage in the aviation industry. HI-SCAN 7555si - increased security by advanced technology.